If Not In This World

“The work takes its title from Robins’ last written words – ‘Till we meet again, if not in this world, in the next.’ Harrison brings a resonant lyricism to these phrases, combining both voices in resigned pairing…to reinforce a simple memorial to the sombre dignity of death and grief.” Clive O’Connell; O’Connell The Music blog (Lest We Forget)

“Andrew Harrison’s cantata…made a moving impression…” Clive O’Connell; O’Connell The Music blog (2018 In Review)

The Laramie Project

“The music for The Laramie Project was quite dramatic…” Bendigo Advertiser 

The Laramie Project was well complemented by the original music score by Andrew Harrison, which was excellent…” Theatrecraft Magazine 

The Laramie Project music composed by Andrew Harrison is dramatic and moving. As it underscores some of the more intense moments in the play, it adds another dimension to the already compelling docu-drama. The music is reminiscent of the rich textual quality of underscoring in film. Don’t produce the play without Andrew’s music.” Janet Hollier, director; Assoc. Professor of Communication and Theatre, Georgia Perimeter College, USA

“Thank you for allowing us to license your music for our production. It added a great deal to the mood and authenticity to the show.” Kim Martin, director; Lee College Theatre Department, Baytown, Texas, USA

Thank you so much for allowing us to use your music in The Laramie Project! The different tones you use throughout each piece tells a story on its own, and when it’s been woven with the text from the script it creates such an intensity and character to the production as a whole, every note adds a new dimension to the story. The students in our show have found incredible timing with so many of the songs we chose to use and I could not have asked for any other composition. It has been such a pleasure to support your music and have it be such a strong aspect of our production.Kolie Shaw, director; The Northern Starz Center for the Performing Arts, Ramsey, Minnesota, USA

Love your album…the students in the cast have heard your ‘Opening Theme’ and love it…” John Cummins, director; Kings College, Auckland, New Zealand

The music was haunting and we heard several compliments on the use of it.Laura Darce, technical theatre director; Liberty High School, Frisco, Texas, USA